I have a couple questions

Hi i’m Ashley i am new to the group and have a couple questions. i am 37, separated with one son,and have about $10000 in debt to pay off and was wondering how you go about getting a copy of your credit report. i just applied for a car loan and was turned down because from what i gather my credit is less than steller. Also, once i see what is on the report where do i go from there to settle up on these debts? As you can tell, i know nothing about personal finance and don’t know where to start to dig myself out of the hole.

Also can anyone suggest a good book on handling my finances? i have Dave Ramsey’s book on order from the library, but i am looking for a “Dummies” book on how to handle my money and save some of it! Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. i feel so stupid when it comes to money, it’s pathetic!

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