I had something similar happen

I had a bank account get tapped for a judgment that I hadn’t finished paying off yet. Unfortunately,the account had no money in it,so it took me into overdraft,then overdraft fees were applied and you know how the snowball affect keeps banks making money…Needless to say,when I contacted the bank,they had no information as to who the debt was from.They had an out of service number but luckily,since this was the only judgment I had ever had against me, I was able to find the paperwork,call the company and work out a payment plan to get the remaining balance paid.

Now my fight is with bank of America because I was never notified that this was going to be taken out of a savings account that I had set up and they are now trying to take me to collections for the $269.83 of charges that occurred because of this judgment.What legal right so I have to fight the bank with?What can be done to keep this debt from money I never spent from going to collections? Big banks suck!!!Keep your money in a credit union or under your mattress.

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