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I might be way off base here

But after reading this, it occurred to me… When my husband could not take time off work to go the the license bureau to renew his license plates for his vehicle, I would always take a “Power of Attorney” form with me which he had filled out, designating me with the authority to perform this ‘legal’ task. Would that work in this case? Anyone??

I found a copy of such a form for printing… they are specific to each state as well…look it over!

It’s always good to have power of attorney over your spouse incase something happens. Alan got sick after being married only 4 days, the legal hassle in getting the power of attorney done was a nightmare. Every married couple should have poa over each other (unless you’re having problems) I finally got POA over everything and I carry a copy of it in my purse at all times.

P.S. He had a brain infection so he wasn’t able to express his wishes