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I am just new on here

Hi my name is Nikkie… I am just new on here and looking for some advice on paying off me and my fiance’s debts… both of us are in pretty bad shape financially. Any advice would be great. We are actually getting married in 9 months so then everything will be a little easier. We have a lot of small debts that I have even attempted to take care of and because they are in his name no one wants to talk to me. He works Monday thri Friday and most of these places arent’ open after he gets home.

What a mess… you really start to feel hopeless!!

Well I will write more later when I have a little more free time!

I would really suggest that you make up a written budget

I would really suggest that you make up a written budget. It made a difference for us to both be on the same budget at the same time.

I cleaned out the hall closet and tossed a bunch of stuff. I am nearly done cleaning the desk area which is where I do my online stuff and my couponing. Sigh…… it’s tiring but needs to be done as there is another big coupon sale coming up and I need to be ready.


Anyone else out there?