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I might be way off base here

But after reading this, it occurred to me… When my husband could not take time off work to go the the license bureau to renew his license plates for his vehicle, I would always take a “Power of Attorney” form with me which he had filled out, designating me with the authority to perform this ‘legal’ task. Would that work in this case? Anyone??

I found a copy of such a form for printing… they are specific to each state as well…look it over!

It’s always good to have power of attorney over your spouse incase something happens. Alan got sick after being married only 4 days, the legal hassle in getting the power of attorney done was a nightmare. Every married couple should have poa over each other (unless you’re having problems) I finally got POA over everything and I carry a copy of it in my purse at all times.

P.S. He had a brain infection so he wasn’t able to express his wishes

I am in debt as well

I am in debt as well, got maried to a man with no debt at all/ no credit at all. But I feel obligated to him, myself and my marriage to clean up my credit before we try to buy a house. I will be married a year December 19, 2015. Try sitting down with him at night a draft a letter to all of your creditors and setting up a payment plan.

Or wait until you are married, then go together to a credit counselor or your bank and do a bank consolidation loan. My husband, decided he would pay all the bills for as long as it takes for me to clear up my credit. Luckily, we dont have carpayments or children young enough where we have to worry about daycare.

I am just new on here

Hi my name is Nikkie… I am just new on here and looking for some advice on paying off me and my fiance’s debts… both of us are in pretty bad shape financially. Any advice would be great. We are actually getting married in 9 months so then everything will be a little easier. We have a lot of small debts that I have even attempted to take care of and because they are in his name no one wants to talk to me. He works Monday thri Friday and most of these places arent’ open after he gets home.

What a mess… you really start to feel hopeless!!

Well I will write more later when I have a little more free time!

7 year clock

I am confused or missed a few emails – do you mean that once any action is taken on an account it goes another 7 years on your credit??
So if I am good and pay off an account it actually hurts me by showing up longer?

I am finding several things I thought I was doing right and has hurt me big time on my credit. I had several items through Consumer Credit Counseling and when I came into some money I went ahead and settled so I could pay off all the accounts. Wrong thing to do – now it shows settled for less or some just show adverse comments. So frustrating.

Settling looks bad on your credit report. I know, I did it.

Thanks for the welcome!

I just bought a new notebook to start keeping track of where my money goes. I am also ordering my credit reports from the 3 Credit reporting companies to see what is on there and figure out how to go about paying them off, but i am a little leary about paying them off after hearing that they will reappear on my credit report for another 7 years. I want to wipe the slate clean and start over and try and rebuild the credit that i destroyed in my young and stupid years.